Course curriculum

    1. Start Here - what you need to know about Weather & Turbulence.

    2. Going Around from an Unstable Approach - never an emergency - always planned.

    3. Who else can we hear from to settle our concerns.

    4. Another Pilot Explains

    5. Here's the famous Jelly Video

    1. A video summary of the 4 kinds of turbulence

    1. What is turbulence? Is it dangerous?

    1. How Air Traffic Control work with Pilots in bad weather

    2. How pilots prepare their flight plan.

    3. How the Weather Forecast is prepared in Ireland

    4. How the weather forecast is prepared in the UK.

    1. Turbulence Forecast for your next Flight.

    2. The FlyFearless Ebook - Yours to Download and Read.

    3. The Fly Fearless App

    4. Link to the Weekly Zoom Call.

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  • 18 lessons

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