These are our online courses for 2023/24

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Welcome to Fly Fearless Online

A note from founder Michael Comyn

If you're reading this, you or someone you know has got to where flying isn't fun. Maybe once upon a time, you were happy to fly, but now the very idea leaves you feeling miserable. 

We've been helping people overcome their anxiety for over 14 years, and we've discovered what works and doesn't.   

So we will not suggest breathing exercises, reading books, music, alcohol and sleeping tablets, hypnosis and listening to reason. Instead, we'll give you the information and the tools to help you manage the anxiety before it kicks in and show you what to do if it does. 

Sure, we'll talk about turbulence and how planes stay up there - but most of the time, we are getting rid of inaccurate information; what some man in the pub told you about low-cost airlines and why the aircraft goes around and doesn't land- believe me, we've heard them all at this stage. 

So why not book one of our courses - with over a 90% success rate, we can help get you back where your only worry on your next flight will be, will my bags make it, and will you like the food?

Why we are different

We've helped over 3,500 people so far so we know what support you need and how you need it.

  • Course Notes

    We provide you with all the course materials you'll need. You can download the notes and keep them handy when you fly.

  • Take you Time

    The course remains available for an entire year, so you can go back and retake the modules before you fly and as you need them.

  • One to One Session

    We are always available to answer your questions online by email, phone or Zoom Call so you're not on your own throughout the course.